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Growing Readers

Connect with other expecting parents, discover resources available to you in our community, and explore tips for helping your baby learn and grow from the very beginning!

Register now for the online Growing Readers Challenge and begin your reading routine today!

Our Growing Readers Prenatal Program is designed to assist you with developing a reading routine during pregnancy and features a variety of educational sessions. These include information about fetal learning, resources available for expecting parents in our community, and how to care for yourself and baby during and after pregnancy. Partners, support people, and children are welcome!

Attendance at any of the listed events below will give you access to a final meeting of our Growing Readers group for a pampering session including massage and meditation.

September 30th– Introduction to Prenatal Learning, including a Ted Talk by Annie Murphy Paul

October 7th– Presentation and discussion led by YPN

October 14th– Prenatal exercise class and mini prenatal resource expo with local community organizations

October 21st– Baby wearing and car seat safety

Use our Growing Readers Reading Challenge to start your reading routine before baby arrives and set your little one up for success!

1. Log one day each time you* read to your baby throughout your pregnancy. If you read to your baby twice in the same day, you can log two days!
2. When you’ve logged 40 days, drop by the Library to receive a free book.
3. Keep reading! After 80 days, come in to receive a special gift for your baby.

*You, your partner, other children, extended family members, friends. It all counts!