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Annual Report

As Library Director and Board President, it is our great honor to share with you the Cedar Rapids Public Library FY2019 Annual Report. Each year we take this moment to celebrate the great work and achievements of the Cedar Rapids Public Library over the past 12 months, reflecting on the mission and vision of our organization, and our impact in the community.

In fall of 2018, we hired The Ivy Group to help us develop our three year strategic plan. Through community conversations, interviews with key stakeholders, and phone surveys, the Library was able to identify three strategic initiatives which will drive the work we do in this year and the future. These initiatives are: literacy, access, and inclusion.

The great news is that these three initiatives are core to the work we do every day in our libraries. By identifying these three initiatives, we are better able to focus our resources and improve service in our community.

Over the past year, we have worked diligently to operationalize our strategic plan and begin implementing new work as a result of this direction. In this report you will learn more about Ready 10 and the work being done by partners around the city to better prepare young learners for school.

We have had tremendous success using data to inform our decisions, especially on our outreach efforts in the community.

We are celebrating the diversity of our community through events like the Community Cultural Celebration and Expo held each March.

Programs, services, and resources are being deployed in strategic ways in our libraries and our community to provide the greatest impact possible with our resources.

The work we do is essential to our community. It is our hope that every citizen can and does utilize the public library for whatever they need; business support, education, connection, or entertainment. We are here for you.

Thank you.

Dara Schmidt

Matthew Wilding
President, Board of Trustees