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Annual Report

Annual Report Video

To our community, 

Each year we spend time reflecting on our past fiscal year and putting together an annual report to show you what we’ve accomplished and the things we’re proud of.  It’s our opportunity to point out significance and try to highlight the special or unusual. 


When our previous fiscal year started in July of 2019, it was business as usual with some amazing things to be proud of: a wrap up of a record-breaking Summer Dare, growing partnerships with local schools, and a grant that allowed us to expand social service supports to our patrons in greatest need.  We were living our strategies of Literacy, Equity, and Inclusion and amassing a list of things to share and celebrate. 


Then our world shifted in March of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Library closed its physical doors, and would stay closed to the public for far, far longer than any of us could have imagined. In fact, through July and past the end of our fiscal year 2020.   


In a world of special and unusual, how do we write our story?  Nothing is the same, so even what we talk about in our annual report can’t be the same.  But even with the world at a standstill, what are we proud of? 


Our Library continued to serve our community every single day, in every way we could. 

We used our mission as a guide to make tough choices during unprecedented times: We connect people to information, experiences, and services that enhance their quality of life so our community can learn, enjoy, and thrive. 


Our Library immediately transitioned to digital services, expanding our digital collection of materials as quickly as possible so that our community had access to books, movies, music, and more from the safety of their homes.  


We set up technology to answer Library calls remotely from home.  Even though our staff couldn’t be in the building, we could still answer patron questions and support people learning to use our digital resources. 


Our programs, which regularly saw packed rooms filled with smiling faces were suddenly virtual. Our programming team worked hard to become video production experts: creating and delivering amazing content virtually.  Thousands of you watched and shared and commented and we felt connected to our community despite the distance between us. 


We found new and innovative ways to bring the Library into your homes, including developing a system for Curbside Holds Pickup which allowed us to safely provide access to our collection of physical materials in a no-contact way. Thousands of items have circulated through our system this way.  


While our fiscal year ended on June 30, the pandemic did not. New challenges continue to arise as we’ve made it into fiscal year 2021, but those are stories for next year’s annual report.  For now, know that we continue to adapt and shift our services in response to our community’s needs. We will keep using our mission to guide us as we move forward through continued unprecedented times.  We are here for you, even though the ways we serve continue to change.  We are your Library.   

Thank you.

Dara Schmidt

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