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Time to Laugh Out Loud!

Time to Laugh Out Loud!

Time to Laugh Out Loud!

Stephen Colbert said, “you can’t laugh and be afraid at the same.” In that case, as long as you’re reading this book, you’ll forget about everything else going on around you in the world right now. Wow, no thank you is the refreshing distraction you need in your life. A series of essays written by Samantha Irby, topics range from painstakingly making new friends as an adult; which include treating said friend to sushi and waiting for your card back from the waiter with both fingers crossed it’s not declined. She discusses parenting stepchildren from afar so as not to rub off too much on them. In a chapter titled “girls gone mild,” she recounts how the partying days of her youth have devolved into sad and elaborate rituals.

In another chapter, Irby leaves her home in the Windy City for a built-in Michigan wife and kids slap dab in Kalamazoo, Michigan; a blue dot in an otherwise red state where she trades her self-described low-life friends for a suburban life with healthy trail-mixes that don’t include M and M’s. She talks home-ownership, living with chronic illness, buying the fanciest soaps on Instagram, while still resorting to Irish Spring and dandruff shampoo and meets with Netflix executives in a $3 Old Navy sweater.

Irby is dry, brutally honest, and really funny. In a chapter on music, she makes us a mixed tape, A and B sides that will resonate with any teen growing up in the ’90s, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. So if you need a break right now from it all, pick up this soon-to-be Netflix show, put on some sweats, and forget about the world outside for a few hours.



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