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Managing Fear

Managing Fear

Managing Fear

Times are strange right now.  Because of the corona virus, all of a sudden we are practicing Social Distancing- a term that most of us have probably never heard of before. We’ve also kicked up our personal hygiene by three notches, namely by washing our hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. Not five seconds, not even 10 or 15, but 20 whole seconds is the globally agreed upon number of seconds we need to wash our hands.

It is easy to be afraid right now. Some fear is healthy so that we take the precautions we need in respect for what we are facing. But too much fear  is also dangerous . One of the many problems it can lead to is acting on false beliefs, and sadly there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the Corona virus.

So the first thing to do to manage our fear in this trying time is to be properly informed. The library has put together a list of reliable sources from the global to the local level. If you are unsure about any information on what you should do and what is being done, here is a fine place to start.

Aside from being properly informed, there are fortunately some other things we can do to manage our fears and stress levels.

Although our buildings are closed to the public at the time this is being written, our digital resources are still available to you. This month you can also check out 10 items through Hoopla instead of the standard five.

Keeping that in mind, there are a couple videos through Lynda.com I think are useful. One is a five minute video by Tim Ferris called ‘Tim Ferriss sets anti-goals to mitigate risk’. It is just over five and a half minutes long where he delves into a concept that can also be called ‘Fear Inoculation.’ The technique is mostly geared towards finding success, but it is a technique worth meditating on right now.

Meditation itself is another successful way people manage anxiety. “Mindful Mediations for work and Life” is a great video course that is also available through Lynda.com. Additionally, the topic of mediation is widely covered through any of our digital resources. I am not as regular a practitioner of mediation as I would like to be, but I know that I’ll be doing some sessions this month.

Ultimately, friends, do what you can to take care of your stress levels in this time. Use our resources if you can, and use others that are available to you.

‘Fear is a Mind Killer’ as they say, and although I am advocating for a reasonable amount of fear so that we don’t make silly mistakes in our goal to #flattenthecurve, I hope that you find ways to not let it overwhelm you.

In the mean time, we at the Library will continue to stay informed of developments and adjust our practices as we see fit.

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