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Winter Goals

Winter Goals

Winter Goals

Ladies, gentleman, and non binary friends- I have news.
Winter is here. We can deny it all we want, but we know it is just around the corner. This time it is not playing by any rules either. I don’t think I have ever before seen fall leaves on top of winter snow. Have you?
Snow! It gets in the way of everything doesn’t it?
We again will have to put on puffy ridiculous coats that defy any kind of fashion sense. Whether we are driving, walking, or taking the bus, all types of transportation are impeded by snow. It is as if the atmosphere itself is telling us to slow down. What if we took it upon ourselves to listen?
That is to say, we should not slow down to a stop. That’s why the library is hosting some fun original programming this year. Stay Healthy This Winter at the Library. I also recommend getting as much sun as you can, especially if you know you can fall victim to the winter blues.
When I say we should take the time to slow down, I mean letting the quiet snow invade our minds just enough for us to find peace with what we would like to accomplish this season.
I have a confession to make. I love winter, Snow fall and all. It has its hassles, but the way everything is brighter because of all the layered crisp white – it brings with it a perspective that many places in the world will never see. There is also something about going on a morning walk, and knowing with absolute certainty that you are the first person walking this path since the snow fell last night.

My favorite perspective of winter comes from the disgruntled fictional gonzo reporter Spider Jerusalem from the graphic novel series Transmetropolitan. The series is available on our Hoopla app. Every page of the long running limited series is chock full of stories happening around the main story. The main story itself is about a journalist returning to a city he despises to shed some truth on a world in peril. It is riveting. I highly HIGHLY recommend it, but keep in mind that it is swimming in curse words and vulgarity. 😈

Spider Jerusalem on a cover to a Transmetropolitan graphic novel. Available on hoopla digital. Best read in order.

Spider hates everything, and but he loves winter. Why? For him, winter is proof that time is moving forward- that we’ve all been here for another year.

No other season brings with it such a heavy shift that it demands a change in daily practices. From taking extra time to get dressed in the morning, to managing the cold and snow whenever we are outside, to getting back indoors late in the evening with little desire to face the outside again. A day in winter is only reminiscent of last year’s winter. Similarly, next years winter will remind us of today, and the seasons that passed in between.
Winter wants us to slow down. For me that means spending time on some of my more casual goals that keep being put off during the busier and faster seasons.
So that project you’ve had in the back of your head, or thing you want to get better at but never have, even though you’d have fun doing it – winter is the time for such things.

Thug Kitchen. Thug Kitchen 101 and Thug Kitchen:Party Grub are all available at the Library

In my case, this past year I’ve become interested in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. I enjoy eating meat, but aside from the health and environmental benefits that come from vegetarian and vegan cooking, I’m excited to explore flavors I haven’t fully embraced. I’m starting with the Thug Kitchen series of cook books. I’ve only had a couple recipes from it so far but they are dynamite good! I give it the same high recommendation and language warning I give Transmetropolitan. Beware!

I also find the winter semi-hibernation to be a good time to do some introspection, so I’m reading some books to push me towards discovering and contemplating my life goals.

Mastery. Available at the Library. Robert Greene’s other books are also available at the library, and through hoopla digital and Inter Library Loan

One of those is Mastery, by Robert Greene. Robert Greene’s style of inspirational writing is written with utmost serious and  a decisive lack of humor.  He uses historical examples of ‘Masters’ and takes us on a no nonsense journey through their trials towards success. He explains matter-of-factually how to adapt their learned lessons into our own personal journeys. Reoccurring historical figures in this series are Leonardo Da Vinci, Mozart, and Thomas Edison. The first couple chapters alone are worth reading as it explains different methods of discovering what you want to master.

Art and Fear, available on Hoopla digital or through Inter Library Loan.

However, as much as a fan I am of this book, the complete lack of humor can become rather cold in an already cold season. So I’m also re-reading an old favorite of mine, Art and Fear – also available on Hoopla or through our inter-library loan program. Re-reading old favorites is a joyful winter pass-time for me, especially when the book is as insightful as it is well written- with brilliantly executed dead pan humor.

So this will be a good chunk of my winter, courtesy of what is available through the library. It is in place so that when all that problematic pretty snow does melt, my entire winter won’t be one long game of the latest variance of candy crush. 😉
However you wish to spend winter, I hope that it is joyous and fruitful for you.
Let us know what your winter projects and goals are if you have any. The way I see it, as long as we all are forced to suffer beautiful winter together, we may as well celebrate our accomplishments together as well. ❄️

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