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New in Children’s – May 2017

New in Children’s – May 2017

New in Children’s – May 2017

Finding an engaging and interesting story to read to younger children isn’t necessarily difficult. Finding an engaging and interesting story that can help with word recognition can be. By using repetition and rhyme to describe a colorful cast of characters build a robot, children will have the opportunity to repeat phrases and make predictions with “And the Robot Went…” by Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier. The construction of the robot begins with a “…Nosy Fox looked in the box…” and each character and their contribution is added to one another and repeated until our little robot friend is built calling to mind Dr. Seuss’ “The Cat in the Hat.”


Newbery Medal-Winning author Neil Gaiman has a diverse body of work behind him and “Cinnamon” illustrated by Divya Srinivasan is no different. It features the beautiful Indian princess Cinnamon who has been mute her entire life. Her loving parents, in the hopes of her learning to talk, offer riches to anyone who can teach her. No one manages to do so until a fierce tiger comes. It is a story filled with beautiful words and pictures and a moving lesson about speaking carefully.

Call Number: EASY GAIMAN

The much loved work “Dragons Love Tacos” by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri gets a second round with “Dragons Love Tacos 2 The Sequel.” Dragons love tacos but how can they get their taco fix if there is a global taco shortage? How can they prevent a shortage in the future? Will they ever learn to not eat the spicy tacos? Clearly a time machine is necessary but not without taco-oriented mishaps along the way.

Call Number: EASY RUBIN

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