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Creative Gardening Series: Planting for Pollinators!

Creative Gardening Series: Planting for Pollinators!

Join the Linn County Master Gardeners and ISU Extension and Outreach as we present the 2016 Creative Gardening Series. This series meets three consecutive Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm in Whipple Auditorium at the Downtown Library and is free to all.

April 7: What’s the Buzz? What’s Happening with Pollinators?
Guest speaker is Dr. Donald Lewis, ISU Extension & Outreach Entomologist. Declines in the number of domestic honey bees that began nearly a decade ago have led to increased interest in the “other” pollinators and what can be done by gardeners, landscapers and others to promote and enhance the pollinator community on which much of our varied food supply depends. What have you done for pollinators lately? What more could you do? What more should you do? These and other questions and issues will be explored by Dr. Lewis

April 14: Messy Fields Make Good Neighbors
Guest speaker is Robert Ewoldt, Iowa Producer, Rafter E Ranch. Hear about the dilemmas and delights of being a Scott County farmer while attempting to make a living for family, and treating the land as sustainably as possible. Rob will explain what practices he has adopted to improve his soil while providing competitive yields. Some of the practices he uses are no-till farming, proper timing and placement of nutrients for crop utilization, cover crops and grassed waterways. He will also describe how he evaluates new practices and will chronicle some successes and challenges along the way.

April 21: Monarch Research Project & Monarch Zones
Guest speaker is Clark McLeod, CEO of Access Communications Holdings. What are Monarch Zones? By working together, how can we, as a community, bring back our Monarchs and their habitat quickly? Clark will give an overview of the research he and Cam Watts have conducted thus far, and how it has led to “Monarch Zones” and the Monarch Research Project. He will review the goals and purpose of the Monarch Research Project, and all the activities that will occur in 2016. Finally, he will provide ways that you, too, can be a part of this multi-county Monarch and habitat restoration project.

For more information on the Linn County Master Gardeners and ISU Extension and Outreach, visit http://www.extension.iastate.edu/linn/.

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