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More Than This by Patrick Ness

More Than This by Patrick Ness

more than thisMore Than This, by award-winning author Patrick Ness, is a fast-paced and philosophical story of life, death, and the meaning we find in each other.

Ness begins his new novel with a death, the death of its main character, Seth, to be more specific. After Seth dies from drowning, he wakes up alone outside his childhood home in England. Seth realizes that his neighborhood has been abandoned.

Finding no other humans around, he ventures into his house to explore. When he reaches the bedroom he lived in as a child, he finds a shiny black coffin lying open in the middle of the floor, just big enough for his body to lie in.

Follow Seth through an apocalyptic world of horror, as he slowly pieces together the story of this new world, and why he is here. This book is character-driven, suspenseful, and a great read for adults and older teens alike.

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