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Super Bowl 101

Super Bowl 101

Leonserious eats

We all know who we’ll be cheering for this Sunday when the Broncos play the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVII. I just hope it’s a good game: not as many penalties and injuries as we’ve seen during the playoffs, and a beautiful Hail Mary ending. I really don’t ask for much.
Except when it comes to the food.

It’s really pretty easy to make your Super Bowl Party a real celebration. Invite people you like, clean only the rooms you and your guests will be in, and serve the right food. That’s it. I can’t help you with the invitations or the cleaning, but I can help you with choosing the right food. Some people – about a gazillion – order pizza; some buy twenty pounds of wings. That’s all well and good, but you might want to mix it up a little this year and actually cook something for your bash.

Our library system has so many good cookbooks that you’re sure to find one that speaks to you. Whether it’s making cheese straws for twenty or tacos for ten, you’ll find the recipes you need for the best Super Bowl Party ever. One of my favorites for “feed a crowd” food is Serious Eats by Ed Levine. The secondary title is A Comprehensive Guide to Making and Eating Delicious Food Wherever You Are, and it’s that second part of the title that makes this such a fun book. The author takes the reader on a trip around the United States on what he calls a “celebration of deliciousness”. You’ll find out where the best BBQ is, where to detour for the perfect pancake, and where to find the greatest street food. And the best part is that, every ten pages or so, there’s a recipe for one of these seriously delicious foods. Most of the recipes are not that difficult and many can easily be made ahead of time. Perfect for your get-together this Sunday.

Another favorite of mine is Leon. Book 2, Naturally Fast Food by Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent. Try the warm anchovy, garlic, and potato salad – just yummy! There’s a section in this cookbook called Party Food that includes recipes that go well together, and another called Slow Fast Food filled with easy prep recipes that take a long time to cook. I’m in love with the graphics in this book, too. You get the whole package with Leon.

Make your football weekend great, and may the best food win!

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