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Gillian Flynn

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Let’s talk about Gillian Flynn. A lot of people have been putting her books on hold because of all the hype. Some people have been putting them on hold because they hear the hype and see the name Flynn and think instead of a man named Vince Flynn. But no, her name is Gillian Flynn and from what I know about Vince Flynn I can tell you they are not alike in any way. Flynn is all over book related websites and blogs due to her most recent novel, Gone Girl, which has been receiving rave reviews from everyone including Tana French (author of Faithful Place & most recently Broken Harbor).

I would categorize her books as mysteries. Maybe even psychological thrillers. I don’t watch horror movies or psychological thrillers because I’m easily terrified but I can image that if these books would at some point be made into movies they would be called thrillers. In fact, after a quick search, the rights to Gone Girl have been purchased & it will be produced by Reese Witherspoon.

I have personally read two of her books, Gone Girl & Sharp Objects and I can’t say for sure whether I liked them or not so instead I’m going to give a few quick sentences on what they’re about & you can determine if you’d like to join the list of people on hold.

Gone Girl is about a marriage on the rocks. Nick is a man with a secret and secrets don’t help you out when you’re trying to avoid a murder charge. Particularly the murder of your wife. As a reader you’re not quite sure if you like Nick. He is secretive & creepy. He certainly could have killed his wife. He is also an unreliable narrator so you have no idea what’s going on! Until you do (which is around page 247). I promise you, what you think is going on is not what’s going on. If you guessed 10 things you thought were going on you would not guess what is actually going on. I’m not sure if I liked it but I finished it so that’s saying something.

Then I went on to read another one of her books, Sharp Objects. Just in case I wasn’t sure if Flynn only wrote crazy books, I am definitely sure now (and I mean crazy in a good way). Sharp Objects is much darker than Gone Girl. Presumably murdering your wife is nothing compared to murdering two girls under the age of 13 and then extracting their teeth from their dead mouths. And that’s all I have to say about that.

This is not a typical book review but I don’t consider Gillian Flynn to be a typical author. In a nutshell: great mystery, creepy subject, even weirder characters = Gillian Flynn.

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